Join the Journey House Group

Join the Journey House Group

The Join the Journey study group meets in members' homes on alternate Mondays. and includes many opportunities for sharing faith, discussing bible passages, and personal prayer.

We welcome the role of music and art in inspiring our faith.  Different members of the group lead each session

The next meeting is on Monday 18 June 2018.   The information on where to meet can be found in the preceeding Sunday's pew leaflet or by contacting the Church Office, 445-2374

After Easter, the group will be studying Micah. (Dates to be confirmed shortly).  Micah is one of the minor prophets of the Old Testament.  "He was a contemporary of Isaiah, from a country town in Judah, the southern kingdom.  He was convinced that Judah was about to face the same kind of national catastrophe that Amos had predicted for the northern kingdom, and for the same reason - God would punish the hateful injustice of the people.  Micah's message, however, contains more clear and notable signs of hope for the future". Good News Bible

You can find out more from 'The Micah Challenge' from

May 7th - How God knows us and shapes us from before birth until after death.  Psalm 139

May 21st - God Believes in us;  Believing and Trusting His Purposes for us.  Jeremiah 29:  11-13

June 4th - How the Holy Spirit work in and for us through Prayer.  Romans 8:  26-28

June 18th - Images of Jesus. The Jesus we share with Christians across the world : Colossians 1. 15-20.  Isaiah 53. 2-5 :  

'All are Welcome'