Monthly Prayer Diary

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Friday 1st Praise the Lord for the joy of music! On International Music Day, pray for God’s blessing on our church Organists and for the restoration in full of our Praise Group, including instrumentalists and singers, as soon as is feasible, so that God may  use them to move our hearts deeply in worship.

Saturday 2nd “A man is but a product of his thoughts: what he thinks, he becomes...Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony” (Ghandi). On the International Day of Non-Violence, pray for ourselves and our leaders to find non-violent solutions to our problems, so that God’s harmony and peace may reign in our hearts and lives and country.

 Sunday 3rd   Today we give thanks to God at our Harvest Celebration and pray God’s blessing on all gifts passed on to the Foodbank from our church. Pray for God’s strengthening for our Session Clerk, Centre Co-ordinator and Parish Assistant, who have had to shoulder so much extra work in the past months.

Monday 4th Today is World Animal Day as well as World Habitat Day. If we have learned anything in Lockdown, it has been the restorative influence of natural world, and exercise with a dog! Let us pray for someone we know who needs this “protective factor... of exposure to nature... spending time in green spaces” (Dr. Sally Bonar). Perhaps invite him or her for a walk in a park or on the hill, as part of our active prayer.

Tuesday 5th On World Teachers’ Day, pray for all teachers who are under great strain through worries about Covid-19, interruptions to education, demands of on-line learning, and lack of contact with students, and pray for God to inspire and strengthen them and ensure they realize how much they are a blessing to their students.

Wednesday 6th Thank God that the  Megasound Singing Project has started again in person on  Wednesdays, in the church building (children in school classes P4-P7 from 4-4.45pm, and S1-S6 from 5.15-6.00pm).Pray for this lively activity  to be widely known, for many to join, and for all to enjoy participating.

Thursday 7th “If you can’t feed a hundred people, just feed one” (Mother Teresa). Pray for the collections at our church (12 to 3 today) to provide for the vital needs of all who come to the Food Bank we supply, particularly for families, and for all those who volunteer and donate to be blessed.

Friday 8th Tomorrow is World Post Day: let us join in celebrating and thanking God for all that postal workers have done in the last 18 months, delivering essential items, proving how vital they and other key workers are to our wellbeing.

Saturday 9th “It has taken me sometime to accept that doubt and faith, anger and gratitude, can all co-exist at the same time” (Jennifer Bisset). On World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, pray God’s loving presence to be truly close to everyone diagnosed with cancer, enduring the harsh experiences of chemotherapy and other treatments, as they struggle to reconcile their faith in God with the world of pain.

Sunday 10th Praise God for “miraculous” restoration of vision happening today through the use of stem cells. On World Sight Day, pray for God’s blessing on the worldwide work of Sightsavers, bringing healing to tens of thousands made sightless by river blindness and cataracts.

Monday 11th Investing in girl’s education transforms communities, yet worldwide lockdowns have resulted in the end of education and early marriage for thousands of girls. On the International Day of the Girl Child,  pray for God’s blessing on the Edinburgh charity Emms International and their “Every Girl Matters” campaign which, with matching UK government funding, has enabled thousands of girls in Nepal to remain in school, as well as providing previously non-existent rural health care.

Tuesday 12th “To bless means to say good things. We have to bless one another constantly. In our society so full of curses, we must fill each place we enter with blessings...whether the blessing is given in words or with gestures, in informal or a solemn way.” (Henri Nouwen) Pray that we might bring blessings to each person we meet today.

Wednesday 13th Pray for our loving Lord to give His comfort and resilience to all those coming off furlough in recent months, especially to those who now find themselves suddenly without a job or in long term unemployment. 

Thursday 14th Pray that more people in our parish may have the confidence to return to Sunday services or join one of the mid-week groups, and that they may experience a warm welcome in worship and fellowship.

Friday 15th “Joy and Sorrow are never separated. ...Joy is hidden in sorrow and sorrow in joy...Joy and sorrow are parents of our spiritual growth”. (Henri Nouwen) Remember in prayer someone you know who has experienced deep sorrow in these last 2 years, and pray God that in His own mysterious way He will bring joy again and spiritual blessing into their life.

Saturday 16th On Restart-a-Heart-Day, pray for healing and God’s blessing on anyone you know who has suffered heart problems; and ask God to guide anyone interested in becoming skilled in emergency first aid skills to connect with training provided by the British Heart Foundation or the Royal Society for Public Health.

Sunday 17th On International Conflict Resolution Day, bring before our loving Father the unresolved forgotten conflicts in our world –including the long-term injustices which have led to conflicts in Colombia, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan Ukraine, and Yemen, praying for His intervention to bring lasting peace.

Monday 18th   Pray for God’s continued presence and blessing on the Monday Morning Bible Study, a time to reflect on and discuss Sunday’s Bible Reading.

Tuesday 19th  Thank God for the generosity of the congregation and community that has added almost £70,000 for the “Raise the Roof” Appeal. Pray for the new “Leaving Lockdown Fundraising Walk” throughout October to be just as successful, and for God to open hearts to continue their wonderful contributions.

Wednesday 20th. Scientific learning depends on statistical proof. But too often we find that we have been misled by the selective or false figures widely publicised. On World Statistics Day, pray for honesty and integrity in our leaders, so that the whole truth is revealed, not partial or warped versions of it. 

Thursday 21st “How many churches reach out to the poor and vulnerable?” (Lynn McNeil). Pray for our church fellowship to be active in reaching out in every way possible to those in need of care and friendship and help (whether financially or psychologically poor) in our community. Pray for anyone you know who might be forgotten.

Friday 22nd  Ask for God’s warm blessing on our Friday Prayers in Caerketton Chapel at 10 am today, that the prayers , readings, and music may be an inspiration to all present, and that more people may join in.

Saturday 23rd  One percent of the UK population suffers from Epilepsy. Sudden seizures (which can be triggered simply by flash photography) can be extremely dangerous. About 600 Epileptics die in the UK annually, often during sleep. On Sudden Death from Epilepsy Action Day, pray for the vital work of the Epilepsy Society to prevent such fatalities.

Sunday 24th   It is easy to find fault with the United Nations; but on the UN Day, let us thank God for its worldwide peace-keeping, and its capacity to publicise the truth about countries which commit flagrant violations of human rights. Ask God’s blessing and guidance for all who work for the UN.

Monday 25th “Anger left to fester can grow the bearer...and can be destructive and self-destructive” (Very Rev. Dr. John Chalmers) Pray for God’s love to be at work now in anyone (including ourselves) in danger of flaring resentment and anger, asking that none of us “may let the sun go down while still angry” (Ephesians 4.26)

Tuesday 26th  “I do feel all my life that God was guiding me—opening doors and closing others—until all my life skills and interests began to merge...I learned that wherever I am working, god has placed me.” (Barbara MacFarlane) Do you know someone who needs God’s wise guidance? Pray for them now, for Him to guide and shape them and assure them of His loving plan for their lives. (see Jeremiah Ch. 29. V.11)

Wednesday 27th “I visited Herat Province, Afghanistan, to encourage Christian Aid workers there. I rejoiced greatly that they had favour with all the people and had remained there for over 25 years” (Rt. Rev, John Sentamu, new Chairman of Christian Aid). Hold up in fervent prayer all the charity workers still in Afghanistan, as they try to continue their good work under the Taliban, praying especially for their safety. 

Thursday 28th  “Sitting at a table to share food and drink is such an ordinary event, but with an extraordinary impact...the table is one of the Lord’s key places for encountering those who are marginalised” (Very Rev. Dr. Derek Browning). Pray for a revival of genuine hospitality in our homes and churches. Ask God to suggest to each of us someone who needs our personal welcome and friendship.

Friday 29th On International Internet Day, pray for protection for all who are vulnerable to internet “scams”, “phishing” and fraud, for help and expert advice to reach them before confidence tricksters do them huge harm.

Saturday 30th Pray for God’s blessing on Christian Aid’s Harvest Campaign for women in Malawi, lifting each other up out of poverty and destitution with self-help groups and community enterprises with low interest loans, creating 188 new jobs through just one new business, the Makande Women’s Group.

Sunday 31st “I alone cannot change the world, but I can throw a stone across the waters and make many ripples” (Mother Teresa). On World Cities Day, many people are arriving in the city of Glasgow this weekend to persuade world leaders take the vital action to rescue us from catastrophic climate change. Pray that the ripples from what they say and do will be so powerful as to change the world and our personal behaviour.