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  • Welcome! Fairmilehead Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh, serving a community of over 12,000.  We have two Sunday services, one at 9.45 called Worship Now! and a more traditional Morning Service at 11am although on Christian festival Sundays and school holidays there is often one service for both congregations - 'All Together Now'.

    We are a vibrant church located at the crossroads of this modern, changing world.  Comforted and challenged by the Gospel of Christ, we strive to be a welcoming and serving community. 

    We connect, through the Spirit, by reaching out to our local and global neighbours in friendship and care for others; by prudent management of our resources; and by seeking both to teach and learn from those we encounter on our journey.

    We believe that God's love and acceptance extends to every human being regardless of age, ethnic heritage, gender identity, marital status, national origin, physical or mental ability, race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing.

    We encourage the full participation of all in the life of our congregation and community.  You don't need to be a church member to join in our services or activities - ALL are welcome!

    Rev John Munro