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Baptism takes place on the last Sunday of the month. If you would like to be baptised or have your child baptised please contact our church office by email or telephone 0131 445 2374 to arrange to speak to our Minister Cheryl. 

What is Baptism?

Baptism is a Sacrament, which means it is an outward and visible sign of God's love. It is the time when you bring your baby or child forward to celebrate God’s gift of life. When your child is Baptised you will make some important promises, you will promise with God's help to teach your child, the way of Christ and the duties of the Christian faith, and to bring them up in the life and worship of the church.


Why does the church baptise?

If you look in the Bible you will read of how Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan, by his cousin John. Jesus’ baptism marks the point at which his ministry began, as the power of the Holy Spirit came upon Him. 

Jesus’ ministry teaches us how our failings are forgiven, our hopes are renewed and restored and above all it speaks to us of the eternal love which God has for us all.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, He commanded His followers to go out and make new disciples and baptise them too. 


What Baptism isn’t... Baptism is not a means of ensuring no harm comes to your child or some form of insurance policy which you take out to make sure that your baby goes to heaven. It is important that you understand that God loves your child just as much now as He will do after his/her baptism.

Is it right that I decide for my child? By now you will have made many decisions for your child, with your child’s best interest at heart. Decisions on medical treatment, on home and car safety, child care or even schooling options. This is true also for Baptism. The church is often described as the ‘Mother of all who have God as their Father’. What could be better for your child than to become part of God’s family and to learn from the earliest of times in his/her life of God’s love for him/her?

I am a single parent. Can I have my child baptised? Of course! Your child is God’s child so in that sense there is no such thing as a single parent.

I am in a same sex relationship. Can I have my child baptised? Of course!

Who will baptise our baby/child? Our Minister Cheryl.

What will happen during the baptism? During the baptism Cheryl will ask you to make certain promises. Then she will take your baby and sprinkle water upon your baby’s head.

Who can I invite to share this special day? Please invite your family and friends to join together with you.

Can I choose any Sunday? We offer baptism on the last Sunday of most months.

As my child grows up Here at Fairmilehead Parish church, we have a growing and active church on a Sunday for all our young people, so your baby/child will be made welcome on Sunday when you worship with us. We also run a lovely group for young parents and grandparents on a Thursday morning at 10 am called Tots. On a Wednesday morning there is a group of parents who meet in a pop-up café, and you’ll be most welcome to join them too. Delicious home baking features a lot in all that we offer!

How much will it cost? There is no charge for your child to be baptised.

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